Geothermal Alliance of Illinois Conference

Build Equinox gave presentations (smart ventilation and net zero home design) at the (GAOI) conference in Bloomington IL in March. We appreciate GAOI’s invitation to bring IAQ and high-performance home design concepts to Illinois’ geothermal system installers.


A panel discussion with corporate leadership from North America’s primary geothermal heat pump manufacturers (Bosch, Climate Master, Enertec, and Water Furnace) was very informative. Enertec’s retiring CEO, Steve Smith, gave a lunchtime address recounted the early development of North America’s geothermal industry. Smith recounted the importance of electric co-operatives in geothermal development, and stressed how geothermal helped “shave the peaks and fill the valleys” in electric demand, essential electric coops’ utility price stability.

The future looks bright for geothermal heat pumps! We’re excited to be part of the heat pump revolution working to de-carbonize and create a renewable, sustainable world for all. CERV2 is part of the geothermal wave with our novel GeoBoost technology. With CERV2 intelligence, energy recovery can be geothermal or air-source as the CERV2 decides which energy source is most efficient.


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