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CERV2 Geo–Boost

The CERV2 Geo-Boost is compact with an internal filter and expanded 8 inch diameter inlet and outlet.

The CERV2 is unsurpassed for actively maintaining a healthy indoor environment in an energy efficient manner. The CERV's cold weather and warm weather operation can be turbo-charged with our 2nd generation Geo-Boost heat exchanger technology. Unlike HRVs and ERVs, the CERV2 never needs "frost protection". In fact, the CERV2 thrives on frosting as it converts energy from moisture condensation into heat for your home.

With our new Geo-Boost technology, as outdoor temperatures drop in the winter, energy collected with a soil heat exchanger warms outdoor air boosting the CERV's heating capacity and heat pump efficiency (COP). The colder it gets, the greater the boost. During the summer Geo-Boost pre-cools outdoor air that also augments the CERV's energy capacity and performance.

Geo-Boost adds heat capacity to both recirculation and ventilation heating modes.

Ventilation (fresh air) mode benefits from direct conditioning of air with the Geo-Boost as well as enhanced heat pump performance while recirculation mode operation benefits indirectly through enhanced heat pump performance. The two plots for CERV2 heating and cooling capacity display recirculation and ventilation trends. Note that the temperature scale on the capacity charts are “folded” at room temperature conditions (recirculation on the left and ventilation on the right). The CERV2’s superior performance discussed in our Smart Ventilation and Smart Air Distribution reports is further increased with the addition of a Geo-Boost heat exchanger.

Geo-Boost also increases CERV2 cooling capacity during both recirculation and ventilation modes.

Soil heat exchange loops do not provide any significant boost in energy performance to HRVs and ERVs. A soil heat exchanger only displaces some of the exchange energy of an HRV or ERV. With or without a soil heat exchanger, HRVs and ERVs continue to deliver less than comfortable air to a house throughout winter and summer.

The CERV2’s advanced control system (both wired and wireless options available) seamlessly interacts with our Geo-Boost pump controller. The soil circulation pump can be located wherever most convenient, then wired to the CERV2's integrated dry contact auxiliary output (wireless option also available). As the CERV2 and Geo-Boost controller talk to each other, they determine when conditions are favorable for operating the soil loop pump. When outdoor air temperature increases above the soil pipe loop temperature, the CERV2 operates more efficiently without soil loop circulation. During summertime when the outdoor air periodically cools below the soil temperature, the CERV2 and Geo-Boost controller determine when soil pump operation is beneficial. This conserves geothermal energy and increases overall system performance.

Installation layout of Geo-Boost and CERV2.

The CERV2 actively monitors the health of your home's air, and controls carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound (VOC) pollutants. No more guesswork, no more worrying about the quality of the air your family is breathing.

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