CERV Installed in the UofI ADAPTHAUS

The University of Illinois Solar Decathlon ADAPTHAUS is making quick progress as the official Solar Decathlon event approaches! With all the windows and doors installed and drywall/paint complete, the HVAC is now up and running (with the CERV as the brains!).

The utility room contains the CERV, 1-ton Mitsubishi PEAD-A12AA7 heat pump, and Beko washer and heat pump dryer!
The CERV and Mitsubishi heat pump are ducted together as described in our "Magic-Box Mechanicals" article.
The Mitsubishi heat pump is controlled by the CERV through our brand-new CERV-IR (Intelligent Relay) Thermostat Controller. The CERV and Mitsubishi seamlessly interface with the CERV-IR, allowing the CERV to use its intelligence to fully manage the home's comfort conditioning

Want to learn more about the UofI's ADAPTHAUS? Check out their Facebook page and Instagram page for updates about the house and competition!

Update: Results are in from the Solar Decathlon Competition - Illinois ADAPTHAUS Wins 1st Place in Comfort & Environmental Quality!


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