Options & Addons

The CERV comes standard with Enocean Wireless Communication, a low power protocol for interaction with local devices. Wireless range can be up to 300m in open the open and up to 30m inside buildings (depending on interfering materials). Frequency used for these devices is 902MHz. Maximum 18 wireless devices.

Available Wireless Devices:

Ventilation Switch

Active Circuit Transmitter

Remote Sensor

Wireless Relay

Wireless CERV Controller

Battery Free Ventilation Switches
  • Remote Switches trigger timed fresh air ventilation
  • Individually configurable for CFM, zone, and length
  • Ideal for Bathroom & Kitchen Venting
  • Available in many colors
Active Circuit Transmitter
  • Monitors circuit for activity, transmits status
  • Triggers Vent, Heat, Cool, etc. like auxiliary input
  • Individually configurable for CFM, zone, and length
  • Ideal kitchen vent hoods
Wireless Relay
  • On/Off control like auxiliary output
  • Can be used for Geo Boost, duct heater, etc.
  • 24VAC or 120-277VAC options available
Remote Sensors
  • Temperature, T & RH, T & RH & CO2 options available
  • Remote measurement for bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Solar powered, no batteries required!
Wireless CERV Controller
  • Remotely monitor and control the CERV in your home
  • Great for difficult to access CERV installations
  • Included base for wall-mounting

With the Wired Auxiliary Output control, the intelligence of the CERV can be expanded to other devices in your home. The CERV comes with one built in 277VAC, 15A capable dry contact relay, and another six 24VAC or dry contact (user selectable) 0.5A can be added with the I/O Expansion Board.

Available functions for Wired Auxiliary Outputs:




Humidity Removal

Humidity Addition

Heat Exchanger

Zone Damper

Fan Interlock

Ground Loop Heat Exchanger
  • Pre-heating and pre-cooling for the CERV
  • Boosts capacity and efficiency
  • Smart algorithms activate when beneficial
Zone Damper Control
  • Optimize your home's air delivery system
  • Targeted pollutant removal from areas
  • Pairs well with wireless ventilation switches
  • Supply fresh air to areas with greatest need
  • *May require I/O Expansion Board
I/O Expansion Board
  • Adds 6 dry contact/24VAC outputs
  • Adds 3 dry contact/24VAC sense inputs
  • Control external heating cooling, ventilation, moisture control, GEO Boost, & more!
  • Simple installation & configuration
Inline Duct Heater
  • Best for backup heat in climates with low loads
  • 2.5kW and 5kW versions available
  • Installs easily with standard ductwork


OEM CERV Filters
  • 10"x20"x1" MERV 13 filters for fresh air and return
  • Optional Carbon style for smoke and odor protection
  • Boxes of 3, 6, 12, & 24 available
Duct Silencer
  • Many duct sizes available
  • Significantly reduces fan/duct noise
  • Easy installation
  • Great for large homes with extensive ductwork requiring high airflow

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