Live Better with the CERV (Pronounced "Serve")
Visit the links below to view the research on air quality's effect on your health, cognition, sleep, and productivity!

Is an ERV Enough?

See for yourself with the real-world data below.

Indoor Air Quality for a 3 week period with an ERV

With a standard ERV/HRV, you get a constant low air flow rate with no relation to actual indoor air quality or occupancy. For the first ten days, when the home is occupied, the air quality is poor - the ERV just can't keep up. When the occupants leave on vacation, the ERV keeps ventilating and wasting energy.

Indoor Air Quality for a 3 week period with the CERV

Since the CERV actually monitors air quality, it ventilates only when it needs to. Compared to an ERV, the CERV can ventilate up to 300CFM, quickly purging pollutants from the home. When no ventilation is needed, the CERV can recirculate and unify the home, providing some additional heating or cooling/dehumidification in an energy efficient manner.

Both scenarios have good "average" air quality. Which air would you prefer breathe?

Hold Your Health to a Higher Standard
Indoor Air Quality
(Parts Per Million CO2)
Occupant Health and Comfort
400ppmAtmospheric CO2 Level (Fresh Air)
>900ppmNotable decrease in mental performance, sleep quality, and productivity
1100ppmIndoor air quality ASHRAE standard for newly constructed homes
Live Data!
Current average indoor air quality level for homes in the CERV community

Turn your house into a healthy home

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