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Introducing Victor Niño as Build Equinox Director of Business Development

We are very pleased to introduce the addition of Victor Niño to our Build Equinox leadership team. Victor brings a combination of HVAC technical depth and strong business background to Build Equinox.

Victor G. Niño, Ph.D. PE holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois ACRC (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center), and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Victor has more than 20 years of industrial experience. As a senior research engineer, he developed new heat exchangers for air-conditioning systems that use natural refrigerants. As an engineering manager, he led a global team of engineers that use Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software to develop and optimize heat transfer products before they are physically built. Victor teaches HVAC Fundamentals at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuous Education program. He is also a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and currently serves as the Government Affairs Committee Chair of the ASHRAE Wisconsin Chapter.

Build Equinox is growing! We are growing in volume, growing in market breadth, and growing geographically beyond North America. We know you will enjoy interacting with Victor and enjoy his webinars and educational training programs.


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